Something Big by A.E. Matheson book cover

Avery knows what he’s getting for Christmas. His mother has a lot of questions (and a lot of doubts). But Avery has all the answers and no doubt – he’s getting a dragon.

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Book Review by Shelley A. Leedahl

Illustrator/publisher A.E. Matheson has done something big. She’s teamed whimsical illustrations and a fanciful conversation lifted from “real-life”…and created a delightful—and most unusual!—Christmas-related story that spotlights childhood imagination and belief.

I hadn’t even reached the first page of text before I was mesmerized . . . continue reading.

I loved the child’s simple logic, and Matheson’s images of “the gift” are delightful!

Dianne Young

Charmingly told and richly illustrated, this gorgeous book is perfect for kids and their grown-ups to share a love of stories together.

Alice Kuipers
award winning international author

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Margaret and the Pirates of the Seven Seas
due out 2025

Now is not the time to panic, now is the time for action! So believes Margaret, aged seven, kidnapped by cursed pirates. With a little help from a couple of small ghosts and old pirate, Margaret strikes out to save the crew of the Ella Drac from the curse that holds the Captain’s daughter and other girls captive. Can she free them before she herself falls under the curse?

A chapter book for young children with accompanying illustrations.

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